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5 Easy Steps to Test Your Memory.

Written on February 4, 2019 By Support Team
Here are 5 easy steps to prepare a flash drive, with Memtest on it, to test the memory in your system if you suspect that it may be failing. 
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10 Popular Utilities to Test Your System

Written on February 28, 2017 By Support Team
There exist many utilities out there that are must-haves for either system diagnostics or peace of mind when receiving a new unit. Many of them are listed and divided below in terms of the device/issue they may be used to test.
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Counterfeit Windows XP Scam Don’t Get Stuck With Invalid Software

Written on January 24, 2017 By Support Team
Since Windows XP was discontinued 2008, we have been working hard to get as many copies of it as possible in order to provide copies of XP for as long as we possibly can.
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Booting Into DOS Without A Floppy

Written on January 16, 2017 By Support Team
Every now and then a user might have to boot into DOS in order to update some firmware or perhaps a BIOS. Since floppy disks are generally a rarity to see nowadays, there needs to be alternative methods for booting into DOS. Here are some…
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