Research And Development

What is RAID for?

Written on May 9, 2017 By Support Team
In this post we want to go into a brief overview of what RAID is and what RAID isn't, why RAID isn't an ideal backup solution, and what data availability is.
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What is RAID1? What is RAID0?

Written on April 11, 2017 By Support Team
RAID1 RAID1 is a “Mirrored set without parity” which provides 1:1 redundancy for a system’s data. It provides full redundancy from disk errors and failure of all but one of the drives. Contains an increased in read performance…
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What are the benefits of SAS and SATA drives?

Written on April 4, 2017 By Support Team
SAS and SATA represent two newer technologies branching from older SCSI and IDE interfaces. While both drives use the same data channel, a SAS drive would not work on a controller specifically designed for a SATA drive. Since SAS hard…
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WARNING: Dangers of Seagate Desktop Hard Drives in RAID

Written on March 27, 2017 By Support Team
There are two main differences between enterprise-level and desktop-level hard drives. One being that enterprise drives have error correction firmware that enables the drive to verify that the read/write cycles are correct. Secondly, enterprise…
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Single-layer and Multi-layer Solid State Drives.

Written on March 21, 2017 By Support Team
Solid-state hard drives come in two flavors: SLC (Single-Layer Cells) MLC (Multi-Layer Cells). What’s the difference?
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BBUs and You: Increasing Transfer Speeds While Keeping Your Data Safe

Written on January 31, 2017 By Support Team
If you’ve ever looked at a system on our website, chances are you’ve seen an option for a Battery Backup Unit (BBU). While some confuse it for a battery for the entire system, it’s actually just for hardware RAID controllers.
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