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The desktop PC form factor allows for expandability and maintainability with easy access to expansion cards and storage devices with some models offering hot-swap bays. Our wide selection of custom workstations offers solutions for every kind of workload. From every day home and office work, photo and video production, to high end resource intensive projects such as AI and deep learning.

Within recent years, the processing power that can be put into a workstation has increased dramatically. Single CPU systems are now capable of over 12 cores. If the software can take advantage of  double the capabilities, dual processor workstations are viable for high-end workloads. All systems support full-height PCIe expansion cards and GPUs, with no limitations compared to rackmount systems. These systems are tailored for home and office environments with quiet cooling designs. These systems are all designed to be placed on the floor or on the desk if space permits. When selecting a desktop system, it is a good idea to keep in mind what future expansion cards will be needed and how much storage will be required as those will be key determining factors aside from CPU needs. Answering those questions will help you decide which computer is right for your use case. 

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Workstation - Intel Xeon W

1 Tower Server, 21" deep
Model: T216X3RA
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Workstation - Intel Xeon W

2 Tower Server, 22" deep
Model: T22IWX3RA
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Mid-Tower Server - Intel Xeon W

3 Tower Server, 21" deep
Model: T21KX3RA
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Tower Server - Intel Xeon W

4 Workstation, 21" deep
Model: T21R6X3RA
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Workstation - Intel 10th/11th Gen

5 Workstation, 17" deep
Model: W177X2AE5
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Workstation - Intel 10th/11th Gen

6 Workstation, 21" deep
Model: T219X2AE5
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