Research And Development

Intro to IPMI: Basic Overview

Written on May 15, 2017 By Support Team
IPMI is a special remote management chip built into select SuperMicro motherboards (typically indicated by the letter "F" after the dash in motherboard model numbers). IPMI is used by many different manufacturers, and in this article we…
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1U Short Depth Server - Dual Xeon

This 1U server is unique among the ABMX short-depth systems. It supports redundant power supplies in less than 20" of depth, and is also capable of handling two PCI-express 3.0 cards. This system provides a lot of flexibility in a short…
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Windows 7 Installation on SuperMicro X11

Written on May 3, 2017 By Support Team
When installing Windows 7 on one of SuperMicro's X11 generation "Skylake" motherboards, you will likely run into an issue where the mouse and keyboard don't work or the Windows 7 installer is unable to read the installation media. Here…
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