Booting Into DOS Without A Floppy

Written on January 16, 2017 By Support Team

Every now and then a user might have to boot into DOS in order to update some firmware or perhaps a BIOS. Since floppy disks are generally a rarity to see nowadays, there needs to be alternative methods for booting into DOS. Here are some quick step by step guides with links from various websites we use for creating various forms of DOS bootable media, even floppies.

USB Stick:

  • Download and the HP Boot Disk Utility
  • Unzip the usbdos folder, which should appear to be empty, to an easy to access location
  • Install the HP Boot Disk Utility
  • Open the HP Boot Disk Utility and select the proper drive letter for the USB Stick
  • Check the box labeled Create a DOS startup disk and select “using DOS system files located at” and choose the usbdos folder


  • Download the .iso image for the CD, located here.
  • Use an image editing utility, such as WinImage, to add any additional files required and save the iso file
  • Burn the iso file to a CD using a utility such as ImgBurn

Floppy Disk:

  • Download the utility for the Win 98 boot disk located here.
  • Run the utility which will automatically format and copy the necessary files to the floppy

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