10 Popular Utilities to Test Your System

Written on February 28, 2017 By Support Team
There exist many utilities out there that are must-haves for either system diagnostics or peace of mind when receiving a new unit.
Many of them are listed and divided below in terms of the device/issue they may be used to test.
  • CPU CPU Stability Test – (Windows) A good method to help turn up the heat and check for temperature issues, but also tests a variety of CPU instructions in the process. This tool will hold your CPU usage percentage at 100% easy. WCPUID/XCPUID – (Win/Linux) Probes the CPU and chipsets for full information regarding clock speeds and any other stats related to CPU.
  • RAM Memtest86+ – (DOS or Bootable) Is a popular RAM testing utility that is included with virtually every Linux distribution CD out there for quick and easy diagnostics. It tests the RAM by writing differently organized chunks of information there and confirming responses. In most cases you’ll know if it’s bad within 10 minutes, otherwise many passes(leave it running much longer) may be needed to get a true response. Can also be used to generate heat from the system for temperature diagnostics.
  • Hard Drive Hitachi Drive Fitness Test – (Bootable) Hitachi specific drive diagnostics utility. Seagate SeaTools – (Bootable) Seagate specific diagnostics utility. Western Digital Data Lifeguard Tools – (Bootable) Western Digital specific diagnostics utility. HDDScan – (Windows) Diagnoses many hard drive parameters, such as varying methods of writing/reading, as well as the S.M.A.R.T. diagnostics.
  • Heat Diagnostics Prime95 – (Multi-Platform) A piece of software that’s designed to aide in the search for more prime numbers. Many believe that if your computer survives the night running this, that it is fully stable and should be safe for use. SpeedFan – (Wind0ws) Displays internal fan speeds and thermal sensor values of the system. It doesn’t always work with the latest and greatest, but give it a little time and it will probably have updated.
  • Mutli-Tool Packages PC Pitstop – (Windows) Contains an abundance of hardware testing tools


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