19-inch Open Rack Stand

Model: 035


  • Model: GHO-035
  • Color: Black
  • Construction: Aluminum Alloy
  • Meet MIL-STD-167 & MIL-STD-810E Vibration Tests
  • Applicable ANSI/EIA RS-310-C Standards
  • Flexible and Easy Maintenance
  • Dimensions: 21.3-inch (W) x 69.6-inch (H) x 65.4-inch (from bottom of base) x 61.3-inch (from top of base) x 19.7-inch (D)
  • Product Applications: Open Rackmount
  • Brackets and shelf are not included and shown for illustration purposes only
  • Standard Parts: Main Frame and 4 x Wheel and 50 x Mounting Screws